Health Matching Account

I used to ask people, “Have you ever thought about living forever?”

Very few would answer with, “No”. I heard all sorts of comments regarding relegious beliefs and other answers which ultimately gave me my cue to start talking about the subject. You see, if you found yourself saying anything but, “No”, then the answer is, “Yes”. Then I would tell my audience, that I did not ask if they wanted to live forever, or if they could, or if they had any thoughts on it. I simply asked, “Have you ever thought about it?”

My next question to them would be, “What do you think it would take if it were possible?” Again, the answers are numerous. But, I fish for them to say, “Good Health and Money”.

You can’t move forward with longevity without having good health. I bring up the story of my own father. I remember 13 years ago, while out pheasant hunting with him, I was trying to bring up the subject of money. I wanted to know if mom and he had enough to retire comfortably or if I would need to help out. I remember my dad laughing at me and telling me that with the investments he and mom had made they had enough to live forever. They made enough passive residual income they would never have to worry about that.

Wouldn’t that be a good feeling to be able to hear that from your parents or for you to be able to tell your own children? Lets face it, it costs money to be able to live. Who wants to simply sit in a nursing home and wouldn’t it be more fun to actually live life?

But, see how many people donate to your GoFundMe account when you tell them you are pooling up some money so you can live into the golden years. You would be laughed right out of your town.

Last year, my son introduced me to a program that is similar to an old insurance product. The old product was called a Health Savings Account, this new program is different, its a Health Matching Account. You see there are certain stipulations with an HSA that make it unfavorable for someone to really save with it without having the chance to lose some of their money. With an HMA you do not have those risks and actually for those of us who are relatively healthy, the product is eventually paid up and as long as you do not use it, you only pay a small maintenance fee.