Forgetting Something?

Studies indicate we have higher number of repair cells in our body at the age of 20 than we do at 50. Studies also indicate a high percent of us will suffer from early stages of dementia by the time we are 50.

Coincidental? That’s not what experts are saying. In fact, chances are, you may be developing issues right now. Statistics tell us we might be seeing a huge epidemic in the near future. Can you do something about it?

In your brain and nervous system, cells called neurons are linked together by a system that looks like the wiring in your car. Remember when that CHECK ENGINE light came on and you had to have a new sensor put in for several hundred dollars, perhaps thousands of dollars?

You’ll be happy to know, new science out of major universities like Harvard are now indicating we can clean up cellular garbage in your body and optimize the function of your bodies own computer system. Reboot it and remove all of the “Spam Files” so you have some hard disc space for important memories.

How does it work? Simple. Researchers now tell us sugars and carbs coat your cells with something called glycation. This impairs their function and degenerative activity grows faster than your bodies own stem cells can repair it. Sugar. That’s right. Sugar.

If you went out for dinner and ordered chicken but didn’t like the breading one possible solution would be to pull the breading off of your meal. Harvard scientists have now released information that says a form of Vit B3, niacin, can be the “Chicken Breading Removing Solution” for your nervous system.

Ha! Sounds easy, huh? Safe? University studies also indicate that its so safe you can give it to anyone. Effective? Here’s what some people have to say.

Bla blab la I had this and that and now I have nothing wrong

Bla blab la I used to go to the gym and I had to stop because I couldn’t remember where it was

Bla blab la I started takeing this and my memory improved in just 3 days.

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