Dr. Curt Ficenec

Technology and science are changing rapidly.  Replacing tissue with our own cells will come along with cars that float on air and operate on ionic propulsion technology. Homes will be heated and cooled by safe and inexpensive power systems.

How does one turn a passion into a career?  After high school, I went to college for mechanical engineering. One day after talking to my advisor, I realized he was right. Companies do not want products with a long life. A shelf life assures their replacement.  At that moment I decided to change my focus toward chiropractic and natural medicine. An expiration date is not assigned to people and I had realized that my purpose was to help everyone live a healthy pain-free life.

Healthcare has become big business. As a share of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, healthcare spending accounts for 17.9%.  Even age-reversal is going mainstream as published studies from Mayo Clinic indicate. Treating ageing as a disease allows us more success in the treatment of many age-related disorders.

My dad grew up when money was tight. Many people in the 1930’s and 1940’s grew up lacking extra funds. It was not common for people to have multiple cars, boats or homes. As a child growing up, I also knew we were not wealthy.

“Waste Not, Want Not.” was a phrase I remember. 

As a child, we drove an hour to Fargo to shop in the city, as we lived in a town of fewer than 100 people.  Often, we would get a burger and a chocolate shake at a fast food joint similar to McDonald’s. My dad was thrifty with his money and told my siblings and I that he would not ever pay 10cts for a slice of cheese or 30cts for a sliced up potato when we asked for a cheeseburger and fries  We learned to appreciate the value of money.

While hunting with my father 10 years ago, I inquired about my parents’ financial situation. I was concerned about whether I needed to plan to provide for myself and also for my them. I was told not to worry, they had invested wisely and they could live forever if it was only about money. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but there needs to be enough money to enjoy life. We should all try to enjoy life after retirement. Even the Dali Lama says people work so hard when they are young they make themselves sick and never get to live life. When they retire, many spend all their nest egg money trying to buy back the health they previously overlooked.

It’s easy to have a fund-raiser when you are sick but no one will contribute to your old-age vacation fund. Even your insurance company pays when you get sick.