Exciting News in Anti-Aging

The quest for eternal youth has been going on since before the birth of Jesus Christ. Ancient texts from 2100 BCE refer to the idea of life extension. With modern science some of the theories of old have been proven and built upon.

Most of the old writings talk about diet being the key to good health and longevity. Linus Pauling even tells us that most chronic disease is at least partially caused by deficiency in key trace essential minerals.

So, if you are just getting involved with life extension protocols, please do not waste your money on expensive exotic plant extracts until you have made changes in your diet, and supplemented in areas where you know there are deficiencies. Major university studies suggest that a great number of us, perhaps all of us, have these deficiencies. What good does it do to supplement with something that costs you hundreds of dollars per year when you have not addressed some underlying causes of disease?

That being said, my next step to longevity involves not adding to your life, but actually taking away. During the Nixon administration, the Presidents Council on Cancer was formed. At that time, it was said we were going to have a cure for cancer within the following decade. We all know that did not happen and cancer has worsened. Why is that? It turns out while everyone was searching for a treatment, the cure lies in prevention. With some 80% of all known cancers being caused by man-made factors, it will do one good to look closely at environmental toxins in the home and at work.

Finally, the exiting news. Iconic figures in the field of longevity have been quoted as saying a newborn born this year has a great chance of living to be 140-150 years of age. Some scientists have even said that we are closing in on a new realm of understanding and soon living past 200 years might be possible.

In 2009, the Nobel Prize as given to a group of scientists for their work on telomere science. Telomeres are the ends of your chromosomes that protect your DNA from passing on genetics that may be mutated and/or somehow altered from splicing.

In nutritional science the search was on for some substance that could protect the telomeres. Many plant extracts were tested. Of these a number of them were found to provide the needed protection. One stood out, astragalus root extracts. As it turns out this substance had been used by the ancient Chinese for years without knowing its exact route of action. Recent science was only able to show us it was the root of the plant that gave out the extremely active extract. Combined with other plant extracts such as curcumin, powerful telomere support products have been put on the market.

But there is more than simply protecting the ends of our DNA strands. In a separate study it was discovered that certain genes protected and repaired our DNA. These were called sirtuin genes. There are 7 of them. In university studies, a plant extract from grape seeds was discovered to enhance the sirtuin gene activity. Resveratrol. It is found in red grapes and soon as the media picked up on that, the idea of drinking red wine caught on, but you have to drink some 200 glasses a day to actually see a benefit. Biochemists have been able to isolate this substance so that you can get a therapeutic dose without any alcohol and smaller doses.

Just a few years ago, more science came out. This time on support of our stem cell activity. NAD+ is a precursor to ATP the most powerful fuel for your cells. As we age, these fuels are depleted and it causes us to go through early and advanced aging. Scientific evidence shows that nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide are the necessary precursors to NAD+. These are variants of niacin, Vit B3.